Sunday, 8 December 2013


Tried a small game of battlefleet gothic

 just a small battle for my first try of this game, i always liked the look of it but never got round to buying it and now that i have GW have stopped making the ships. I seam to be cursed like that, i brought at-43 just as rackham gave up and starship troopers just as mongoose dumped it.
Anyway on with the report, first the fleets:-

1x Styx heavy cruiser
2x murder cruiser
1x slaughter cruiser

1x overlord  battlecruiser
1x gothic cruiser
1x dictator cruiser
3x cobra destroyers

the imperials formed their cruisers up in the centre and split the cobras off to the side to attempt a flank attack, in retaliation the chaos fleet formed the murders up on the Styx opposite the imperial cruisers and sent the slaughter of to keep an eye on the cobras.                                             

Chaos moved first,the murders made full ahead towards the imperial cruisers while the Styx moved minimum distance and launched fighters while the slaughter made a run on the cobras eyeing up some easy kills.In the shooting phase only the Styx was in range and its lances bounced harmlessly off the dictator's shields.
The imperials sent their overlord and gothic forward at full speed with both ships making a 45 degree turn to unmask their starboard batteries,the dictator advanced forward at minimum speed and launched fighters and torpedoes.The cobra destroyers closed with the chaos slaughter and launched torpedoes at it.The imperial fire targeted the two murders but only manged a couple of blast markers on each the batteries failing to cause any damage.The cobras managed to get a blast marker on the slaughter with their combined batteries.                                                                           
The second chaos turn saw the murders brake into the imperial cruiser formation with the Styx trying to stay out of the way, the slaughter couldn't manoeuvre enough to get in on the cobras so kept on going.In the shooting phase the murders could use both side's batteries and worked the imperial cruisers over the gothic took the worst of it and was reduced to half damage the overlord took two hits, at least the dictator got away with only a blast marker. The Styx missed with all its fire and the slaughter only manged to destroy one cobra with is batteries and lances'.

Close up of the cruiser clash, poor old gothic on the left there smashed by two strength 10 batteries at point blank range.
The cobras swing onto  the slaughter's aft and the imperial cruisers just moved the minimum so they could reply to the beating they had received. Some stinky dice rolls saw the 3 cruisers only inflict 2 damage points on each of the murders and the cobras couldn't get any on the slaughter.

The 2 murders turned port and starboard respectively to come back around on the imperials and sensing victory the Styx also closed in, meanwhile the slaughter tried to use its speed to get away from the trailing cobras.Murder No1 and the Styx concentrated fire on the gothic and were rewarded with a massive explosion as it was vapourised and with some good shooting murder No.2 finished off the overlord as well.

Oh dear with 2 cruisers reduced to atoms the heart had been torn out of the imperial fleet. All that remained now was the hope off restoring some imperial honour.The dictator drew along side the Styx and the cobras continued their chase of the slaughter. Unfortunately for the imperials the dictators guns didn't score any hits on the Styx.

The murders swung around on the dictator and the Styx hung close, the slaughter also decided to close on the dictator and ignore the cobras.Lances and batteries pounded the dictator, who succumbed under the onslaught.

With no cruisers  left for the imperials the game was over, and the chaos could report to their masters that they had smashed the imperial fleet without any losses of their own.
Only after the game was over did i realise that ordinance moves in both sides turns, that fact might have helped the imperials get some hits with their torps which could have meant things went differently early on but oh well . Still i liked the game and it played quick and easy now all i need is a source of proxy ships so i can expanded the fleets.


  1. Nice!
    /Sanna Tjernström
    /Grim Andersson
    /Arvid Kjellin

  2. Thanks, bit rough and ready, need a star mat