Saturday, 23 November 2013

Warfare reading (show)

Me and the boy went to warfare in reading last weekend. First thing I would say is don't drive if you can use public transport. Now we started the day an arrow shot away from rivermead, where it is held but some difficult deity saw fit to put the Thames in the way, so it took us 20 minutes to get there only to discover that the car park was full and so were all the streets In the area, so after about an hour we actually got into the show. Now it's been  3 years since I last went so I can only compare it to that. No queues this year we got straight in at 11.30, they give you a badge to wear (they do check) and first stop was the bring and buy. Hmm not as much on sale as last time and a big drop in the amount of GW (boy was miffed). Next it was into the main selling hall not quite as busy as last time, you could actually move this time. Good range of manufacturers and sellers again though much to the disgust of the boy there was a lack of GW sellers both new and second hand, their new terms having an effect I suppose. All the big games were on sale, bolt action seemed to be the biggist and thier was plastic box sets all over the place. plastic soldier company the most with their own stand and on lots of other stands too. I was a bit gutted as I was looking for some dropzone commander but apart from the two player starter there was none. Now if you haven't been to warfare before but you have other wargames shows you would think that the demo and particpation games take Center stage, no at warfare they are in a different hall further on from the hall with the sellers and with a very uneven floor, so me and the boy only gave it a quick recon, some good looking games but the school diner hall feel to it didn't make us linger. So warfare great for shopping not do good gaming a bit down on previous years and leave the car at home 


Been quite a while since I last posted, that's been due to a house move. I lost my wooden shed In the garden but gained a slightly bigger brick one(upgrade!) and an office for painting but with the packing and sorting the new house out I haven't done any modelling lately . Hopefully soon I while get back to it .