Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wargames Soliders & Strategy

Wargames soldiers & strategy No63

let me start by saying i like WSS its my favourite wargames mag since when i first found it when its was still printed in Spain, i have to say since the dutch have had it, it has only got better.
First up the reviews of figures always covers more ranges than any other mag and the height measurement is very handy when scale means about as much as women's clothe sizes(ask the missus),a couple of sort articles one on battle group kursk rules, second a Nap battle then a feature on mob rule in Republican Rome different! the main feature is the AWI with history battles figures and even a navel campaign in the Indian ocean? some painting and modelling articles or those who like that sort of thing a look at square bashing by peter pig and a quick look at some books also in the magazine are the usual colums from the guest writers (including rick priestley!) all in all even though I'm no fan of the American war of Independence or being British a rebellious province still the best mag you can get, if you can get it can be quite hard to find but you should be able to get you local newsagent or smiths to get it if you ask nicely.

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