Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wargames illustrated 301

My thoughts on this mag
 I've been reading WI since about No. 38 its always been my fav wargames magazine, however just lately i feel like I'm reading white dwarf. Every time there is something new for FOW the mags stuffed full of it but does that make the contents bad?
First up there is a 18 page FOW battle report which i have to say i didn't like at all. The way they had it written gave me now sense of the game at all it was a mess so much so i gave up half way through shame i like late war WWII but this was a bust.
Then you have a new saga faction the Byzantines with a battle board on the back cover good if you play saga useless if you don't, followed by 3 modelling articles (making terrain, a diorama and basing) then a piece on heroes for Victorian games based in the middle of nowhere, finished off by some more articles about painting and terrain with a small scenario for Spanish vs Incas. no historical information of note i hope this isn't how the magazine is going to go now i would give it only 3/10

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