Sunday, 21 October 2012

Warhammer 40K on the cheap
My son has been badgering me lately to get a WH40K army to fight his greenskins(orks).
Now in days gone by i had the startings of a sisters of battle army but the cost of completing it was proving to be too much so i sold them i got some AT-43 instead.
Now a few years later and the AT-43 have been sold and i am going to get Imperial Guard but i cant afford (says the missus) to by it all from GW
I want imperial guard because they have the firepower sisters of battle lack but need a lot of models.
The solution Warzone!
here is what £20 gets you from 
that's 80 count'em 80 figures
As you can see from the above they are sort of multi-pose but quite limited in the amount of posing you can get from them but for rank and file i don't think it matters too much not to me anyway.
The figures have a world war 1 look  40 Bauhaus Ducal Militia (Germans) and 40 Imperial Army Regulars(British). I am going to be using the British for my 2 infantry platoons.

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