Sunday, 21 October 2012

Epic 40k
in my opinion still the best game GW have ever produced,kind of lost its way after 2nd edition.I think it might be the only game by GW where shooting is more important than close combat. Real shame it got canned along with all the other specialist games. It was dirt cheap too you could get 240 marines and 24 rhinos for £5 back in the day. Even the plastic infantry aren't cheap today. Over time i have had a lot of different armies Chaos(thousand sons and worldbearers)tyranids, eldar and titan legions (20 warlord titans) but my heart and head has always been for imperial guard and slowly over the years i have been building up a force which is now nearly complete
 Just need to base up a second heavy weapon company and it will be done. Finishing armies is not my strong point to easily distracted  by some other shinny toys but as i get older my discipline gets stronger. I still have an eldar army that could do with a good pasting from these guys.

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