Saturday, 27 October 2012

Zombies, thousands of em sir!

Nothing can beat a bit of zombie bashing.
Zombies!! is a  great game, dead simple and quick to play
You start on a single tile and each turn you add extra ones which can have stores where you find things to use like a chainsaw etc or just more road and all the new tiles get zombies until you get the helicopter pad which if you get to you can escape, to slow the other players you the player move a random amount of zombies in your turn. Great fun! all for one and none for everyone, nice.
Had a game with my son the other day and this is the result
As you can see i made it to the helicopter pad to be rescued while son No2 went the wrong way and got stuck behind a lot of walkers

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Paint scheme

trying out some colour schemes to paint my imperial guard. just going to give then a basic quick paint job.
left to right
Flames of war late war German armour spray, Vallejo gamecolor camouflage green, Army painter army green spray and no paint.
think I'm going to go with army green with different colour shoulder pads but not like the one shown here.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Warhammer 40K on the cheap
My son has been badgering me lately to get a WH40K army to fight his greenskins(orks).
Now in days gone by i had the startings of a sisters of battle army but the cost of completing it was proving to be too much so i sold them i got some AT-43 instead.
Now a few years later and the AT-43 have been sold and i am going to get Imperial Guard but i cant afford (says the missus) to by it all from GW
I want imperial guard because they have the firepower sisters of battle lack but need a lot of models.
The solution Warzone!
here is what £20 gets you from 
that's 80 count'em 80 figures
As you can see from the above they are sort of multi-pose but quite limited in the amount of posing you can get from them but for rank and file i don't think it matters too much not to me anyway.
The figures have a world war 1 look  40 Bauhaus Ducal Militia (Germans) and 40 Imperial Army Regulars(British). I am going to be using the British for my 2 infantry platoons.
Epic 40k
in my opinion still the best game GW have ever produced,kind of lost its way after 2nd edition.I think it might be the only game by GW where shooting is more important than close combat. Real shame it got canned along with all the other specialist games. It was dirt cheap too you could get 240 marines and 24 rhinos for £5 back in the day. Even the plastic infantry aren't cheap today. Over time i have had a lot of different armies Chaos(thousand sons and worldbearers)tyranids, eldar and titan legions (20 warlord titans) but my heart and head has always been for imperial guard and slowly over the years i have been building up a force which is now nearly complete
 Just need to base up a second heavy weapon company and it will be done. Finishing armies is not my strong point to easily distracted  by some other shinny toys but as i get older my discipline gets stronger. I still have an eldar army that could do with a good pasting from these guys.